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About Me

I graduated from the Technion with a BSc in Electrical Engineering and BA in mathematics (both summa cum laude) in 1996. After that I spent almost four years as an intelligence officer with the Israeli Defense Forces. I was subsequently involved in a few ventures in the high-tech industry. I earned my PhD in Electrical Engineering from the Technion at 2002, under the supervision of Nahum Shimkin. I was then a Fulbright postdoctoral associate with LIDS (MIT) working with John Tsitsiklis for two years. I was at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering in McGill University from July 2004 until August 2010, where I held a Canada Research Chair in Machine Learning from 2005 to 2009. I have been with the Department of Electrical Engineering at the Technion since 2008 where I am a professor. I am father to Liam, Oliver and Dylan.

Scientific objectives

I am in the business of being a professor because I want to understand how to act and make decisions in dynamic, complex and uncertain environments. In plain language, I want to build machines (e.g., software agents) that learn, evolve, and improve over time. I work mostly in machine learning, but also in certain application domains.

  • Reinforcement learning
  • High dimensional statistics and learning
  • Uncertainty and risk in decision making
  • Learning and modeling dynamics from data
  • Systems that include multiple decision makers: Multi-agent/distributed/many players/adaptive systems

See my Publications page for more details.


More specific research interests

  • Machine Learning (theory, algorithms, and applications). High-dimensional problems with uncertainty in the data and modeling and learning dynamics (e.g., networks).
  • Reinforcement Learning and Markov decision processes. Theory and application of Markov decision processes. I have worked quite a bit on adaptive control and learning algorithms for (large) stochastic systems in what is known as reinforcement learning.
  • Learning, optimization and control under uncertainty. Robust and stochastic optimization and statistical analysis of such approaches.
  • Games. Stochastic, dynamic, network, and differential games; applications in networks and resource sharing.
  • Multi-agent systems. Especially learning in such systems (e.g., online learning and learning in games). The goal here is to design economic systems (e.g., markets) where equilibrium is also a good social outcome.
  • Optimization of large scale problems. Especially combinatorial optimization using heuristic and statistical methods (e.g., the Cross Entropy method) and stochastic optimization.
  • Power Grid. Especially in reliability, pricing, and decision making in large-scale power grids (smart grids). My approach is very much data-driven: I try to understand the actual dynamics of the grid so that I can propose concrete policies for control of the grid, as well as evaluate market mechanisms and anomalies. See, for example, the EU funded GARPUR project that looks at probabilistic reliability models for large-scale grids.
  • Applications. I am interested and have worked (i.e., got to a semi-commercial prototype at least or plan to) on the following eclectic list of applications: large-scale communication network optimization, power management for laptops, adaptive compression of large databases, a learning agent for combat planes simulator, cognitive radio networks, human activity recognition and context identification on mobiles, stochastic approaches to decoding of LDPC codes.

Open Positions

  • I am looking for a postdoc and a couple of graduate students to join my team. Please consider that working with me requires very strong mathematical skills and/or true hacking capabilities. Email me your resume and a brief explanation of what you want to do if you are interested.


PhD Students

Chen Tessler's Profile

Chen Tessler  Google Scholar Logo Personal webpage

Focusing on Deep Reinforcement Learning, specifically on bridging the gap between theory and what we observe in practice.

Lior Shani's Profile

Lior Shani  Google Scholar Logo

My main research areas include: RL optimization algorithms, efficient exploration and applying regularization in RL.

Guy Tennenholtz's Profile

Guy Tennenholtz  Google Scholar Logo

My main research focus is on the combination of Reinforcement Learning with Natural Language and Causal Inference.

Nadav Merlis

Nadav Merlis  Google Scholar Logo

Multi-Armed bandit and combinatorial bandits. Theory of Reinforcement Learning.

Yonathan Efroni

Yonathan Efroni  Google Scholar Logo Personal webpage

Theory of Reinforcement Learning and Markov Decision Processes

Nir Baram

Nir Baram  Google Scholar Logo



Ester Derman

Esther Derman  Google Scholar Logo

Reinforcement Learning under parameter uncertainty.

Shirli Di-Castro Shashua

Shirli Di-Castro Shashua  Google Scholar Logo

Reinforcement Learning and robustness to uncertainties in large scale dynamic systems.

MSc Students

Avrech Ben David

Avrech Ben-David

Deep RL for Combinatorial Optimization.

*Joint supervision with Tamir Hazan


Benny Perets

System biology.

*Joint supervision with Shai Shen-Orr




Kirill Dyagilev

Information Propagation in Social Networks: A Game Theoretic View

First position after PhD: Postdoc at John Hopkins

Daniel Vainsencher

Daniel Vainsencher
(12/2009-12/2014)  Google Scholar Logo

Learning from Unruly Data

First position after PhD: Postdoc at Rutgers and Princeton

Aviv Tamar

Aviv Tamar
(12/2011-8/2015)  Google Scholar Logo

Risk Aware Reinforcement Learning

First position after PhD: Postdoc at UC Berkeley. Currently a faculty member at the Technion

Maayan Haren

Maayan Gal-on

On Detection and Adaptation to Changes in a Learning Problem

First position after PhD: Researcher at Jether Energy Research

Orly Avner

Orly Avner

Machine Learning inspired by Cognitive Radio Networks

First position after PhD: Researcher at Intel


Oren Anava
(10/2012-8/2016)  Google Scholar Logo

Online Learning for Time Series, jointly supervised with E. Hazan

First position after PhD: researcher at Voleon (hedge fund)

Eli Meirom

Eli Meirom
(10/2011-12/2017)  Google Scholar Logo

Infection Detection from Weak Signatures, jointly supervised with A. Orda

First position after PhD: Researcher at SAIPS (a Ford company)

Assaf Halak

Assaf Halak
(12/2011-3/2018)  Google Scholar Logo

Model Selection in Markov Decision Processes

First position after PhD: Researcher at SAIPS (a Ford company)

Daniel J Mankowitz

Daniel Mankowitz
(10/2013-2/2018) Google Scholar Logo

On Temporal Abstraction for Dynamic Decision Problems

First position after PhD: A Researcher at Google Deepmind

Gal Dalal

Gal Dalal
(10/2013-6/2018)  Google Scholar Logo

Large Scale Dynamic Optimization for Power Networks

First position after PhD: Researcher at SAIPS (a Ford company)

Oran Richman

Oran Richman
(10/2012-6/2019)  Google Scholar Logo

Uncertainty Management in Learning Problems

First position after PhD: Researcher at the Israeli Defense Forces

Tom Zahavy

Tom Zahavy
(10/2015-8/2019)  Google Scholar Logo Personal webpage

Reinforcement Learning and Deep Representations

First position after PhD: A Researcher at Google Deepmind



Ofir Mebel

Lightning does not strike twice: Robust Markov Decision Processes with correlated uncertainty

Graduated with distinction


Yoav Haimovich

Large Scale Semi Supervised Sentiment Analysis, jointly with K. Crammer


Barak Almog

Learning Policies in One-on-one Dogfights

Akram Barasani

Akram Baransi
(10/2009-3/2015)  Google Scholar Logo

Best Empirical Sampled Average – BESA – an Algorithm for the Multi-Armed Bandits

Nadav Maoz

Nadav Maoz

The Cocktail Party Effect for Pattern Discovery in Heterogeneous Time Series Data


Nir Levin
(10/2015-8/2017)  Google Scholar Logo

Rotting Bandits


Snir Cohen

Subsampling for Decision Problems

Guy Tennenholtz's Profile

Guy Tennenholtz
(1/2016-5/2018)  Google Scholar Logo

The Stochastic Firefighter Problem”. Graduated with distinction


Asaf Casel

A General Approach to Multi-Armed Bandits Under Risk Criteria



Loc Xuan Bui
(9/2011-1/2012, visitor)

Currently a faculty member at the department of Electrical Engineering, Tan Tao University, Vietnam


Dotan Di-Castro
(1/2011-4/2013, postdoc)  Google Scholar Logo

Currently at Bosch AI Research


Aditya Gopalan
(10/2011-3/2014, postdoc)  Google Scholar Logo

Currently an assistant professor at IISc Bangalore

Timothy A Mann

Timothy Mann
(2/2013-1/2015, postdoc)  Google Scholar Logo

Currently a researcher at Google DeepMind


Odalric–Ambrym Maillard
(2/2013-12/2014, postdoc)  Google Scholar Logo

Currently a researcher at INRS-Saclay, France

Francois Schnitzler

Francois Schnitzler
(2/2013-9/2015, postdoc)  Google Scholar Logo

Currently a researcher at Technicolor, Vennes, France


Jiashi Feng
(2/2014-5/2014, visitor)  Google Scholar Logo

Currently an assistant professor at the department of Computer Science at NUS


Elad Gilboa
(9/2014-6/2016, postdoc)  Google Scholar Logo

Currently a researcher at SAIPS, a Ford company


Balazs Szorney
(6/2015-12/2017, postdoc)

Currently at Yahoo! Research NYC


Chao Qu
(12/2017-12/2018, postdoc) Google Scholar Logo

Currently at Alibaba


Mark Kozdoba
(3/2014-, postdoc and then staff researcher) Google Scholar Logo


Avinash Mohan
(3/2019-, postdoc)